About Us

We set up our craft beer tours around Bristol of a love for Craft Beer and the industry surrounding it. The craft brewing scene hosts some of the nicest and most passionate people around. UK craft breweries produce some of the best beer in the world and our craft beer tours aim to shine a light on this. We want our tours to not only show off Bristol’s fantastic craft beer scene but also show off the great city as whole.

Our aim for the day is to take you on an unforgettable journey through the city, introducing you to local craft brewing experts who will offer fascinating insights and great beer!

Way back in 2018, we started our very first craft beer tour in Manchester. Since then, we have been on fantastic craft beer journey taking us to the best beer producing cities in the UK. Bristol is one of the best cities for craft beer and we love holding our craft beer tours here. We are extremely proud of our tours and put everything we have into making them a truly unique experience for our guests.

Who are We?

Fred and Lee

Co-Founders & Tour Guides

We’re two long-time friends who love craft beer so much that we decided to start a business around it! From the people, to the breweries and the incredible beer, we are passionate about every aspect of the craft beer industry and made it our mission to bring it to as many people as we can on our tours!